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cape XVeme

Les capes XVeme - civil Euing410

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There are twelve twelve-line miniatures found in this manuscript in all, the work of two artists. The miniatures of the Annunciation and King David are by an artist identified by Susie Nash as the 'Waddesdon Master', named after the Waddesdon Hours. A prolific artist, his work has been found in several other Books of Hours, and his style closely mimics that of another artist, the influential d'Ailly Master, whose workshop was active in Amiens from c.1425-1450. The remaining ten miniatures are in a later style developed by Simon Marmion, the most famous manuscript illuminator working in the Burgundian territories in the second half of the fifteenth century. The landscapes are sharply detailed, often with extensive buildings in the middle distance, while the poses of the characters are dramatic, and the painting fluid. This artist has been dubbed 'the Glasgow Master' by Susie Nash, who suggests that the variable quality of some of his work is consistent with a painter experimenting with new styles early in his career.

source : http://special.lib.gla.ac.uk/exhibns/month/dec2003.html

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